Dagger Reelfoot 15

Has anyone heard of this model? What’s it’s forte? It’s not reviewed on pnet and the Dagger home page is not very good at supporting their discontinued products.

There’s one for sale in my area for $650.


From the specs, it looks like it’s forte is as a stable platform for sporting or familiy use on flatwater or class I or less moving water.


From the picture and the specs

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on the link, it looks like a Reflection 15.


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Not much like a Reflection 15 at all:

Reflection 15 is longer, has more rocker, narrower beam, weighs less, and is a much nicer handling canoe than the Reelfoot.The depth of the Reflection & the Reelfoot are also different.
The burder of the Reflection & the Reefoot with 6 inches of freeboard is very different.

If you really want to know what the Reelfoot is; I am of the opinion that it is nothing more than a "renamed" Dagger Suwanee. The Reelfoot was (new boat for Dagger canoes in 2002). Surprise! The Suwanee dissappeared from the Dagger catalog that same year.

Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee was formed by the New Madrid earthquake. The Dagger Reelfoot would probably be at home, close to the shoreline of Reelfoot Lake, catching a few crappie, or putzing along downstream on a class 1 river with family members, on a day float.

The nearly $2,200.00 retail price on the 2004 Reelfoot was outrageous, in my personal opinion.

It might be "ok" for the venues that the original poster states are his interests. I'm not sure I'd pay $650.00 for it, unless it was in "primo" condition.


As A Former Suwanee Owner…
…like Bob, I was thinking it IS the same boat. I thought the Suwanee might have had a full 1" rocker, though. The Suwanee was a decent two person day tripper. I also used it for one person overnighter trips on the Current River and it was capable at that also. Stable, predictable and paddled very nicely for a 15+’ boat. I can’t find any pics of mine, I’ll look again this weekend. The royalex layup in the Dagger was excellent, and the boat well-crafted. I just was migrating towards kayaks at the time and when I sold my Suwanee I also sold several of my canoes. I’ve since come to my senses! A friend who is a conservation agent here in MO now has my old Suwanee and uses it as I did. Day tripper with his kids and overnighters on the Current. He still enjoys the boat. If you want, I’ll e-mail him and ask him to chime in with his thoughts. WW

australian dollars
That’s an Australian site, so the prices are going to be higher, both due to exchange rates and due to import costs. A Royalex Explorer is nearly $2400.

Price New or Used?
I sold mine in excellent condition for $600. New it was about $800. As for the Aussie prices, Ric (Packhorse here on P.net) told me it cost about 2-3K to ship boats over there, so that’s not a bad Aussie price on that link. WW

Yup, I got the Dagger from Terry for a steal! Though he tried, nobody could pry this boat from my fingers!

I’m not an Agent, just a lowly wildlife biologist. I love all things water…paddling, floating, fishing, duck hunting.

Like anyone else, I haven’t used the canoe as much as I’d like. I used it on a Buffalo river float with my son, we paddled and fished upstream one day and floated down the next. A trip I will remember for a long time. I used it two or three times on a heavily laden solo trip down the Current, with my friends going tandem in Discovery 69’s. The boat was easy to pack full of gear and balance out good for solo paddling. It was about perfect for a parent and a kid for overnight paddling.

Don’t know what else to say…I’ll be with this canoe for a long time. I can’t imagine that I will ever need another one!