Dagger Reelfoot Info?

Has anybody here paddled or owned one of these? I’m looking at one for sale and can’t find any info online for it anywhere.

Looking back in Dagger’s archived catalogs, I can’t find it. But the “Suwanee” model seems to have similar specs, and looks very similar to the Reelfoot. The owner says it was purchased new in 2001. The boat clearly says “reelfoot” right on the side.

Could it be a Suwanee that they just relabeled that year as a “Reelfoot”?

Any opinions on how this boat paddles would be appreciated. I’m sure it won’t be exactly fast, but I’m hoping it’s more efficient than a flat bottomed poly department store boat. What you think?

I’ve Owned the Suwanee

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I'm thinking the hulls may have been either the same or if different, only slightly?

As I recall, the Suwanee is 15', 36" width, flat bottom, little rocker. Relatively low stems, that don't blow around in the wind. Dagger's royalex layup was very "Beefy" too. Definitely a better option than a Wallyworld poly boat that's been sitting on the lot warping all summer!

It is a nice fishing, hunting, or novice boat. Definitely not a fast paddling boat, but you're probably not looking into racing canoes anyway, are you (LOL)?

Dagger also made a few of them for the "Big box" stores in the early to mid 2000's. A friend has one and he uses it as his winter paddling and loaner boat, times when stability are important.

Here's a few pics to give you some ideas. One was blue, the other OD. And, I'm pretty sure the Reelfoot was the same, re-badged boat?


I agree that the Reelfoot was same hull
as the Suwannee. I recall the Suwannee getting a good review in Canoe & Kayak by Steve Salins, who liked its behavior as a solo boat in spite of its width.

Sounds about right
Thanks for the info! The specs appear to be about what this one looks like. I really want a little bit “leaner” and more efficient canoe, but came across this one and it caught my interest. However I believe I’ll be better suited with something else. I only have room for one boat at the present time…sigh…

I believe the asking price is a bit out of line, so I think I will go back to scouring the net for a Dagger Reflection. I’ve seen one in person and you are right about their Royalex! It seems definitely stiffer and more substantial than most others.

Thanks again for the info, and for the great pics!

If the price was a little better I’d probably jump on it anyway. I’d love to have it, just not as my only boat. I’m looking for a “do it all” kind of boat for now until I get the space for multiple boats. I know thats like finding a unicorn lol…

Difference Between It & Reflection
Having also owned a Reflection, it IS a better paddling boat. Here’s reviews (Including mine) on the Reflection 15. Just out of curious, what is he asking?


He wants 800 bucks for it. It IS in very good shape though. Even has the little Royalex sticker still on it.

A buddy owned one…
I remember being laid up with muscle spasms in my back.

A buddy came by to see me & asked me to do a little research on Dagger canoes. He wanted a boat suitable to use as a fishing canoe on small lakes and slow rivers. He also wanted a canoe he could use as a loaner for friends who were visiting his family.

The boat in question was one of 3 Daggers I suggested, and the one he bought. I don’t remember it being anything to brag about in the speed & maneuverability department, but he liked it for fishing.

I think $800.00 is exorbitant at best.

I personally wouldn’t give more than $600.00, unless it was in like new condition.


I’m With Bob

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Maybe $650-$700 new condition, but not $800. It was probably only $900-$1000 new