Dagger Reflection and Mad River Canoes

somewhere i read where dagger sold their forms/moldings to mad river. so, is mad river making the reflection 15? if so what’s it called now? how is the reflection 15 for class I-II water and for 3-4 days SOLO travell?

not sure

I’m not sure that Dagger sold all or many of its hulls to Mad River, but I did hear that MR will be making the Legend, which was a popular river canoe for class II-III whitewater.

I’ve also heard thar MR’s (Confluence’s) customer service and commitment to quality in its canoes isn’t really there. Second hand news, but aparently canoes (and/or customer service) just aren’t a significant market for the mega-company. The worst stories I’ve heard are about botched delivery dates - peopel aren’t getting hteir canoes when promised. So, you might consider taking your business to a canoe-specific manufacturer with a solid reputation.

Even if the Reflection was/is a good boat, it wasn’t anything unique, and every manufacturer probably has something that would suit those needs.


Dagger Reflection
I have had a Dagger Reflection for about 5 years and have had it on several solo 5+ day outings. It has handled very well loaded with gear or with just me and my camera and by the way it is a good tandem boat as well although I like my Old Town Penobscot 16 better for tadem tripping. The Dagger handles great on rivers and although I have only been in class one water with it I think the way it responds will lend itself well to class II and even class III with floatation. it is a very versatile boat and although not as fast or light as a tue solo boat I personally like that versatility.

Both the Legend and the Reflection
were listed in the Paddler Mag. canoe buyers guide under Mad River last winter. Neither are currently showing up on Mad River’s website as current models.

I recently called Mad River for parts for my Legend 16 and they did’nt even know what it was, so I would not count on buying a new one of either anytime soon.

They customer service really does leave a lot to be desired, so “buyer beware”.