Dagger Reflection vs Wenonah Rendevous

-- Last Updated: Feb-08-07 10:35 PM EST --

i have a 15' Dagger Reflection 3 seater [no longer made] I use as a solo but, would like to know how it compares to a Rendevous for stablity, tracking/turning, river touring and camping. thanks!

Wanna Trade
I’ve got an experianced Rendevous in Royalex. It has these “notches” (like a fighter pilot paints on his plane ) for each time it has exceeded my expectations for stability

Re: Reflection vs Rendevous
when i first began my search for a river touring [up to class II, easy III] solo i was originally looking at the Rendevous. but, I happened upon this used 15’ Reflection so… i haven’t had the Reflection out that much…i bought it late in the year. it’s more stable [initially] than i expected. tracking isn’t great but i know it’s more of a river boat and turning is a priority plus i had it out unloaded. i’m surprised to hear the Reflection is similar to the SuperNova because most everything i hear/read about the 'nova as a very tender canoe, the opposite of my experience with the Reflection. i’d really like to compare the Reflection to the Rendevous just to ease my curiosity and reinforce my decision to either keep the Reflection or sell it and get the Rendevous.