Dagger Roam 9.5 Review?

Hey everybody! First post. Noob for sure (current/first yak is a Sundolphin Bali 10’ – lady who subsequently sold me my paddle remarked that i’d want to graduate to something better quickly. she was not wrong).

male, 5’11", 230lbs (aiming for 200lbs before summer’s over).

I was wondering if anyone has field-tested the Dagger Roam 9.5? I’ve read some reviews of course and done a lot of research on the model, but i’d like to hear some direct reviews from people. I really think i want this yak, but I want to be sure. Also, I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! If you have any ideas about special ordering one (nobody seems to want to do that), I’d really appreciate it.


Dagger makes good boats, but why so short? IMO, at your weight you need a 12’ boat minimum and a 14’ would be better.
Since you want to upgrade, do some more looking and reading.

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