Dagger RPM outfitting

I have an old RPM that was made in the late 90’s (not sure if they outfit differently now or not), and is minimally outfitted. I’m OK with it, except when I roll. After a session at the lake, my hip-area is sore from hitting something (I’m assuming some hard plastic on the sides) while hip snapping. I was wondering how easy it was to put hip pads in, and if anyone had experience with this problem/if the pads solved it. (here’s what I’m looking at buying: http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=2048.2&deptid=1764 ).

I have an old Dagger Animas, and
there is an in-bump toward the top of the seat side panels. Possibly you are moving enough in the seat to thump against that protuberance.

In addition to hip pads, you may want to consider knee padding where your knees splay outward agains the upper outside of the hull. If your knees are flapping around, it may cause the painful hip or upper thigh contact you describe.

In my case, my hip joints are so unusually far apart that I had to cut windows in the seat side panels. Then my (way) upper thigh was hurting until I realized I needed the knee pads on the hull to get my thigh bones out of contact with the seat.

Those will work
and are a good idea if your butt is sliding around. But you will have to carve them a bit to make them fit you. They are too big for most people (i.e., make the cockpit too narrow). Once you get them the right size and glued in, put some duct tape over the cockpit rim and over the top of the pad. You will slide in easier.

these are better…
I luv my RPM, but I’m fat and fit snuggly. :slight_smile:

Try these adjustable hip pads:


My girl loves em’ and you can easily adjust the fit.

My Dagger RPM

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Pretty cool, doc.
Never seen an RPM with a rear hatch and never seen anyone paddle one with a GP. Or with a deck bag. Hmmmmmm. Seems like a lot of effort for a boat that is bad to begin with. Maybe even more effort than required for a joke. YMMV.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look at getting some hip pads next time I’m at the “local” (an hour away) paddling store.

And nice work on the RPM. I have no desire to do any tripping with it, just whitewater, but that is cool to see.

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