Dagger RPM

My son is looking to buy a used Dagger RPM. As much as I’ve looked around, I can’t find much in the way of a “use review”. He’s about 5’9" and weighs 190lbs. Currently paddles a Pyrana H3 and complains it’s too tight, but says the Dagger feels fine. Anyone out there know anything about the RPM?



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The RPM and its larger version the "RPM Max" are classic ww boats. They came before the era of flat bottom playboats but are well thought of as beginner boats and are very easy to roll.

FWIW the H3 comes in several sizes... 235, 245, 255.

The RPM was designed when stern squirts were a hot move, so the tail is very low-volume and slicy. The volume isn’t balanced front to rear. Unwanted stern squirts are common if the paddler has sloppy edge control and/or leans back.

It’s long and fast and not very playful by modern standards. What kind of paddling does he want to do?

Boatertalk reviews:


horrible boat. it was ok for it’s time, but that time is long past.

come on…
It’s a great pool boat to learn to roll in! :slight_smile:

The RPM is a much older design than the H3. It is a roomy boat that still sees a lot of use in pools and on the river. Should be able to pick one up used in decent shape for $300 or less.

If you son likes the H3, besides the fit, he might try getting a larger one. Like many Pyranha models the H3 is available in multiple sizes.

Among the advantages of newer model ww boats is better outfitting.

It is hard to imagine why the RPM would be roomier unless he has the smallest H3. If he wants a cheap river runner, there are many boats that are much better than the RPM. If he wants a boat to take to pool sessions, then it doesn’t matter much which boat he uses and the RPM is as good as any. Maybe he should look around more.

I have an RPM
I’m 5’8" and was 195-200lbs when I purchased a used RPM primarily for pool practice. With that kind of weight the boat will squirt very easily. As Alex said, it’s also a great boat for rolling. It’s still the only boat I’ve been able to consistently hand roll. I did swap out the more aggresive thigh braces for the less aggresive ones to make ingress and egress easier, but now I’ve lost a ton of weight and may need to reinstall the more agressive braces. Introduced in 1997 and still in production today, so you should be able to pick up a used one at a very reasonable price.