Dagger Stratos 12.5L vs 14.5L Specs

Dagger’s Customer service line is down, local dealer doesn’t know…
Would the 12.5L and 14.5L have the same size depth and cockpit size? Other than more storage space and longer… would it be the same for someone to sit in to try?

Specs stated here:



I think the OP is more asking about how much space there is when one gets in and sits in the 2 kayaks, which isn’t really answered in the basic specs. Haven’t seen a lot of the 12.5 around here yet, so I am looking forward to hearing what people say in response, if anyone knows.

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I’ve been in both (and have owned a 145-S which fit me well). On paper, the cockpit fits are similar, but the 145L feels significantly deeper, even though the deck heights are within a cm of each other. Worth noting that Dagger is changing the Stratos 145s for 2020 so that they’ll both use the sliding fore bulkhead fitting like the 125 has, rather than slide-lock footbraces, so I would definitely sit in the new 145s before committing, since that will make a big difference in the feel as well.

Good replies so far… yes, i’m mainly asking as it’s tough to find these kayaks around, and i’m considering the 14.5L… but only one shop (3 hrs away) has a 12.5L in stock…
I want to sit in it before I buy… but this might be as close as I get… .was hoping some owners out there would chime in.