Dagger Stratos 145S or Liquidlogic Inuit 135?

I’m new to kayaking trying to figure out which boat is best for me. I’m 5’10" 175LB. I’ll be mostly on flat water…small lakes and calm rivers.

I’ve paddled a Tsunami 145. Worked fine but a bit big for me. I’ve done short demos:
Tsunami 140. I fit fine. Boat seems stable but kinda sluggish. Kind of a dead/dull feeling.
Liquidlogic Inuit 145. I liked how the boat felt but it was just a bit too big. Felt like it probably wouldn’t track as well as Tsunami but felt more lively and easier to turn.
Liquidlogic Inuit 135. I’ve only sat in this boat so far but I fit pretty well.
Dagger Stratos 145S. I fit pretty well. Haven’t gotten to try the boat yet.
I can get the Inuit 135 (barely used demo) for nearly $200 less than Stratos

I haven’t found tons of info on the two subject boats. Can anyone offer comparison of these two kayaks?

I have a Stratos 14.5L and really enjoy the playfulness. It’s easy to roll too. It tracks well with the skeg deployed, but certainly isn’t the fastest boat in my fleet.