Dagger Stratos Hatch Cover Replacements

I need to replace both original hatch covers (round and oval) on my Dagger Stratos 14.5S. They are the crappy ones with the grey center and I’d like to get replacements that are more watertight. Any suggestions?

I don;t know of replacement hatch covers.

If the boat is new-ish (within warranty period), maybe try filing a complaint. Sometimes in the past Dagger would send out replacement hatch covers for free on leaky boats. And hatch leaking is not uncommon, unfortunately.

Hope mine does not develop the same issue. Have only had my Stratos 14,5L about 1 year with regular rolling and some rescue practice and back deck play…so far hatches have stayed dry.

Likely won’t be a problem.

Many boats arrive with leaky hatches, and that seems to be a larger problem. When polyethylene plastic cools, it shrinks. Seems to be more art than science to figure out what diameter the hatch openings will be when the boat is finished. Not sure if they have different size hatches (or if the hatches also have manufacturing variances) such that they try to find a hatch cover that matches the size opening they end up with.