Dagger Stratos Large Spray Skirt

Hi all! Looking for a spray skirt! 35’’ by 19’’ for a Dagger Stratos Large,… looking to roll. Please advise. Thanks.

Most manufacturers have already done the work for you. Here is the sizing tool for Seal’s Spray Skirts.


I was just talking about this with a rolling buddy. Last year I looked to replace my skirt and found out Snapdragon went under and didn’t come back up. I found the IR (Immersion Research) models and ordered one using their chart. It arrived and Schwarzenegger hisseff couldn’t have stretched the sumbitch onto my cockpit. I returned it and got the next size up. It fit perfectly. Lesson learned: If they haven’t fixed their chart, you need to order the next size up if getting an IR. It’s been a good product and I would recommend it. Fits my old Dagger Alchemy. Good luck.

Seals neoprene skirts with 1.4 or 1.7 decks fit (they say 1.7) on mine. NRS with L deck also works, but I find the back of it seems to be a little difficult to get on when the skirt was new.

Some cockpits are just best solved with a somewhat sloppy fit but an adjustable bungie you can change the length upon. More so now with fewer manufacturers that can do custom skirts.