Dagger Stratos S or L for me?

Hi folks! I have a Delphin 155 and im looking for another sea kayak surf machine, so i tested the Alchemy S and wow! I have a lot of manouver on the wave and in foam piles, and also more control in the backsurf.
Bit slower but really liked a lot.

So i started looking at the Stratos Series…
The thing is: i’m 6ft and 185lbs, shoe size 10.5.
Very snug fit on the Alchemy S but just because my shoe size… other than that performed great to me in the water, but not so confortable to be several hours in it…

Will the Stratos S be more roomier in the shoe size aspect than the Alchemy S? I prefer the S over the L (looks to me that the Stratos L is huge).

I dont have the chance to test any of the Stratos, just order it and see (i can easily sell it later) thats why im asking here for your inputs…

I don’t have the answer to your question but I can tell you what I did… and it worked. Years back I bought the smaller Alchemy. I got it used so it was half the price of new. I moved the seat back to accommodate my long legs then I ripped out all the foam and stiffening hardware up front 'cause I thought it was confining, dumb, and unnecessary. Works great for my 185 pounds and size 11 feet.

The way I remember it, size from smallest to biggest goes like this: Alchemy S, Stratos S, Alchemy L, Stratos L.

Before buying my boat I was evaluating these Daggers quite a bit. The Alchemy S was simply too small. Stratos S also too small but Stratos L was too large. For me the Alchemy L was the perfect fit. Finding one wasn’t easy though so I gave up (the store happened to have a customer owned Alchemy L in the store so I was able to sit in one).

I’m a bit smaller than you at 5’10" 175 LB 9.5 shoe so I would think either S would be too small for you. I think the Alchemy L is the sweet spot. My feet felt a bit trapped in the STratos S

6’2", size 12 shoe, 225 lbs male, Stratos 14.5L owner.

I fit with room to spare. I suspect at your weight and shoe size you’ll likely find the deck excessively tall and the cockpit loose. I don’t think the height/leg room differs between the two, just the volume. I’ve never paddled an Alchemy so can’t give a comparison to those.

Thanks guys! Unfortunately I dont have access to the Alchemy L, but FYI i had a Zephyr 155 for almost a year which was very confortable to me and was my all around kayak before the Delphin.

One person I know describes the Stratos S as a half size between the Alchemy S and L.

The Stratos series is also supposed to be faster than the Alchemy. I do have both and Alchemy L and Stratos L, but haven’t ever done a side by side to see if this holds true.

Just to be clear, my message (and I am pretty sure everyone else’s) is talking about Stratos 14.5 series, as there is also now a 12.5 version in L(and presumably at some point, an S).

As i am close to fit confortable in the Alchemy S, i beleive that i will have more room on the Stratos S.
I still think the Stratos L is gonna be huge even for me

I have been looking for a used Stratos 14.5L for some time. Finally found one about 90 mins away with all the extras (PFD, pump, skirt, etc), only used 3X as the current owner has become consumed with sailing instead. I pick it up next week…