Dagger Suwannee

I just got a used Dagger Suwannee 15’ Canoe as a gift and cannot find anything about the model online. Anyone have any info on this canoe?

Dagger Suwanee

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Classified as a "sportsman boat".

I suggested one of them to a good friend for use as a lollygagging,lily dipping,fishing boat,on slow rivers. He took my suggestion, he still has it, and he loves it. He also puts a couple of younger kids in it & turns em loose.

Layup: Royalex
Length: 15 feet
Width: at gunwales 36 inches
Width: at waterline 34 1/2 inches
Depth: 17/13/17 bow/center/stern
Weight: 59 lbs.
Hull: Straight with rise at end/Asymmetrical/Shallow

Retail price l999: $899.00

Don't imagine there are a lot of them still around that are still serviceable.


It got a good review in C & K,
where apparently they found it a nice solo ride in spite of the beam being more than desirable.

Had One About 7 or 8 Years Ago
Sold it to a guy that goes by the name Joewildlife (He’s a wildlife biologist) here on P.net. Here’s what I remember.

It was a nice, stable canoe for new paddlers. Good primary and secondary stability. Used it a lot as a “Guest” boat for friends. I believe it was asymmetrical, but still could be paddled easily from the bow seat with the boat turned around when soloing. It had minimal rocker, but turned easily enough on rivers. Just a middle of the road, get you down the river boat that was comfortable to take pics and fish out of. Not a “Dog” to paddle by any means, but not a fast boat. And, as I recall, the royalex was primo on mine; no oil canning, very solid. I sold mine to finance my first pure Solo canoe, a Mohawk Solo 14.

I’ll e-mail Joe and maybe he can add a few thoughts since he’s had my old boat all these years. Always told him I’d buy it back if he ever got tired of it. Wish I could find an old picture of it. WW

Yeah, I got Terry’s Suwanee. I have a review of it and some specs I can get to you if you PM me your email. I do remember a quote to the effect “it is the most stable canoe I have ever designed”, whoever “I” is, I don’t remember.

I use it as a heavily laden solo (turned backwards) to go down the Current river on three day trips. It is a joy to paddle compared to a Discovery 169 similarly loaded with two paddlers in it. So much so that on my yearly trip with the guys, I always hope that we have an odd number so I get to solo in my boat rather than have to get in a Discovery. As a tandem, it is a bit small for two grown men to use on overnight trips. It is one full large cooler and one full extra large drybag smaller than a Discovery 169. That is one way to describe it. It works very well for an adult and child and lots of gear, or anything lighter than that. It is wide but to me, seems much more nimble and easier to paddle than similar canoes like the Old Town Camper model, which is a very wide flat bottomed boat designed for maximum initial stability to feel good to inexperienced paddlers. All in all, it is a keeper. Much to Terry’s dismay, he has been trying to get it back ever since I bought it from him!

Not a boat that I NEED anymore, but it WAS a boat that put a smile on my face! And I liked that purty blue royalex (LOL)! WW

" I " would be Steve Scarborough.
Designer of various WW and cruising canoes, and a very good whitewater slalom paddler himself.