Dagger Torrent vs. LL Coupe

O.K. didn’t get many responses the last time, and I know there lots of you P-netter’s who own these boats. So now, Pros and Cons.

Actually not a lot, especially for the
newer Coupe.

LL Coupe
this is a pretty recent introduction, 2008 and tweaked for 2009 IIRC.

There is a little more chatter about them on boatertalk.com (more ww oriented). Search their archives.

Also, if you google it there are a number of reviews from whitewater places and outfitters.

Looks like a cool boat. I’d be interested in anyone’s take on it.

for the info friendlyfire. I’ll check it out.

Torrent is battle proven
Perception made the torrent for many years which in itself is a testament to the design. For small creeks and up to Class II whitewater, there’s no better beginner kayak IMO (I had two Torrents not so long ago). No fussing with skirts, rolling, and self rescue is simply crawling back up.

For moving water, the Torrent is awesome. It’s not worth much on a smooth flat lake or a 15 mile trip. The Coupe might do better there, but that’s not what those boats are made for. The other long term advantage of the TOrrent is that it will help you paddle technique. Once you learn to paddle it in a straight line, you can paddle most anything straight.


Torrent VS Coupe
I have two Torrents and a Coupe. Both will handle WW up to light class III just fine. The Torrent turns a little better but the Coupe does OK too. The Coupe tracks better (even without the skeg) but I have no trouble with the Torrent on FW either once you get used to it. I rarely use my skeg but it is nice on the flat stretches. The storage space on the Coupe is nice. I have the deluxe Coupe seat…it rocks!!! Had a little trouble with water getting in the Coupe. LL replaced the hatch covers with a new (slightly tighter) version and that has help considerably. My only major beef with the Coupe is there are no scupper holes under the seat so water pools in the seat area. In a SOT, you ARE going to get wet but the Torrent(with its scuppers) wins in this area. I love both and have no plans to part with either.

I agree
Allsky7, Torrent turns better and no scupper hole under Coupe’s seat sucks. Guess if was more important to put two huge scuppers(one would work fine) in cargo area than under the paddlers ass. That was one sweet piece of design work by Liquid Logic,right? Just maybe, the word will get out to LL and some changes can be made to create as they call it the perfect SOT. “lol”