Dagger Transition info, anybody?

Found one for sale, but can’t find much on it. So far, this is what I know: '94-'97, 24" X 10’1" displacement hull WW boat, planing play boats killed sales and it was discontinued, said to handle like a Crossfire.

I’m not looking to do class IV rivers or playboat. My intention for such a boat would be straight river running and commando camping. Any info would be appreciated.


talked to
Coffee this morning, he offered to purchase your AR-A2 , so ya can afford to buy another boat. LOL.

He can offer all he wants.
I don’t sell firearms, only buy. Now, if this boat pans out, he can offer to buy the Alamax, and we can talk. :wink:

i may be intrested in
the alamax if the boat works out for ya.

dropped ya an email.

All joking aside…

Why don’t you sell the Pungo, the America & the Alamax?

Get yourself a sea kayak to go along with your wifes, and buy a cheap critter or sundance or other 9 footer to do the camping/kayaking… They have proven themselves time & time again & they aren’t that expensive. Plus your girls can grow into it when you “get too old” (as your wife puts it…lol) to camp like we do.

Now about that AR?? The offer still stands… I will pay you what you bought it for + $6 for the A2 flash supressor. Just think about the boat you could buy with that change… :wink:

Paddle easy,


Why This One?
Jim, While long at 10’ plus, it’s not particulary high volume with 62 gallons. There are other more more modern planing hulls with the same volume (if you’re concerned about that for storage), that will give you better performance on class II and up. Plus when you stretch volume out over a longer length, you are actually losing usable storage space. Also the stretching of the stern into a slicier cross section can make crossing current lines a little trickier.

If you look at something like a a Necky Bliss, it’s probably at 62 gallons but about 2’ shorter. When the volume is centered more around you, it actually makes the boat more controllable than having it stretched out into slicier ends. Similar to the Bliss in volume and length would be like a Jive 810, or a Riot Grind. You can find these kayaks for around $300 range. I would not pay more than $200 for a boat of that vintage.


Used WW boats are rare here.
I just keep my ear to the ground for deals. Ideally, I’d be looking for a creeker like the Wavesport Y or a crossover boat like the, um well, Crossover. But, I’m not going to front the cash just to trash it. You are right that I’m not really looking for slicy ends, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m with ya on the price too. He wants $450 for the boat, plus a skirt and paddle. Given the age of the boat, I’m guessing the accessories are vintage too, so I think he’ll be coming way down on the price.

Found Some Really Good Deals

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on Boatertalk. My Chonic, Boogie, and Venom were all shipped to me, via forwardair without a problem. Also, found the ultrafuge and the trickster locally but through BT.

You can sort/screen the gearswap by specifying "river runner." That will eliminate the playboats, paddles, drytops, etc., not you're not interested in.


definitely agree
There are great deals to be had and whitewater kayaks are easy to ship. I bought my sea kayak from a guy in Connecticut and my playboat from a guy in New York. Boatertalk gearswap is a nice place to find lots of options. The Wavesport Y that you mentioned would be a much better kayak in my opinion, and you might want to consider perhaps a Wavesport Diesel which is a hybrid river runner/creeker.


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You can get a "NEW" 9' rec boat or the like for $300...

Why on earth would you pay $450 for a used boat just for kayak camping??

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Right On, Coffee!!!
Mainstream I saw at Wally Mart for $299. Good for streams, rivers up to class IV, ponds, lakes and even ocean touring 4 miles from shore. All you need is some recyled bottles in a trash bag, zip locked to one of the bungee cords for floatation. All set for the brave and go inexpensive (not “cheap”) types. Seen it all out there, definitely. :slight_smile:

Guns, well, that you got to get the best that money can buy. But, here you can save by reloading on your own. :wink:


ya forgot the body
bag for the class IV paddle trip ,Sing. Seriously though, unless Longshadow is gonna hit some class II WW a cheap rec. boat would be o.k.(for the water we have paddled together)

Talked to her tonight.
Guess I made a bad assumption on gender. It comes with an LC-1 skirt (Perception branded…haven’t seen that in a few years) and a LL Bean (Carlisle) elcheapo paddle. I offered $200 for all of it…we’ll see if she calls back. Coffee, you remember your aspirations to paddle WW in the U.P.? I’m still trying to get there, both skills and equipment. I know the limitations of the boats I own, and it would require portaging all the fun stuff. Not that bush whackin’ isn’t a good time, but don’t you want to try other types of water?

email reply sent
talk to ya

I Know, Assumptions On My Part

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I figure when Jim is talking about "running rivers", he's talking white water. I know he's already got the rec boat to do the lakes and streams. He's been talking about Greenland paddles and rolls, so he's got to have a long boat in the quiver somewhere. That leaves a ww boat. A ww boat only makes sense though, if you have some runs with a couple of hours of you. If so, I say go for it.

This year, I know several "dedicated" sea kayakers who got into ww water kayaking for the first time. It's really cool to see their eyes light up making a run. Yeah, it's kayaking but it's another game. The more games, the better. :) I figure, if one has to, one can play football with a basketball (we did "tackle basketball" in high school - sadistic gym teacher) but wouldn't it be better to spring for a football and the right equipment to go with it?
The same thing if you want to get into a specific kayaking venue.

It's really about your priorities. For example, I have a couple of shot guns and long guns for bird hunting and plinking. I enjoy these but I am not a true gun afficianado like my brother in law. The guy's got pretty good collection of shotguns, long guns and handguns. He belongs to a sportsman club and likes to shoot a lot. He reload his own stuff, etc, etc. I dare say he has more $$ into his firearms than I do in kayaking gear. Hey, that's cool since that's where his priorities are and where he finds his enjoyment. :) However, I did get him to buy a pungo 140 last month so we can go kayak fishing together this coming summer. :)


I know exactly what type rivers in mind
Not WW. Go to my webshots & check… And for as often as he would be doing this type of camping/kayaking… For him, less expensive would be better. He already has acouple boats he dosn’t use (hardly often enough), why add another expensive one to the pile.

Paddle easy,


Good points…
I will keep taking my boat to it’s limits, just to keep proving people wrong…lol

Paddle easy,


looks as if you
were right Sing. : )