Dagger Vortex

For those that have paddled this model, is it a good beginner whitewater kayak? I tried a Crossfire but it was too small for my legs. Fast boat but not a good fit. Hoping I’ll fit in the Vortex a bit better. Where is the serial number on this model?

I am an old fan of old designs, but
I think you should look at some newer “used” boats. If you must have a long boat for speed, check out an Animas or a Pirouette. Otherwise, check out some boats made in the past three years.

I agree

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The Vortex is definitely not a beginner's boat and compared to other boats of its era it is a definite loser. I have paddled it and found it a handful even though I knew what I was doing. I remember my son trying to paddle it down the Huron River (class I with one class II rapid) and swearing at how hard it was to control. G2D's advice is right on.

BTW, check out the condition of the plastic if you decide to buy it. How was it stored? A boat that old could be brittle and deteriorated.

I would pass on it
for the same reasons mentioned above. It is not a forgiving kayak, or even one that keeps you honest and makes you improve.

Yeah, Dagger tried to transfer
Crossfire handling to the Vortex, but they failed.

River runners
Yes, I read that Crossfire reference in a review of the Vortex. Too bad, used whitewater boats are rare in my area. The few that come up for sale are usually play boats not river runners. Thanks for the useful information. I’ll let this one go and keep looking.

Be sure about what sellers are calling
playboats. You might see an ad for a first-generation SuperHero that the owner calls a “playboat” while it is really a river runner. A Wavesport Diesel is a river runner with some creek ability. A Pyranha H3 or Burn are good river runners with some creek ability. And all have semi-planing hulls so that their handling is good. The Dagger GT series are semi-planing river runners. Go through current and recent models and make a short list of what you want to watch for.

As for long, fast boats with modern design, there’s hardly anything. The Prijon Athlete is a slalomish 11.5 foot speeder, but not many hit the market, and they probably only work well up to 190 pounds.

Dagger Green boat
The Athlete would suit me well but I don’t expect to ever see one. Another boat that sounds great is the Dagger Green boat. I’d like to have a chance to paddle either of them.

The Green Boat is less maneuverable
than the venerable Perception Pirouette. The Green Boat was designed to win races in the Green Gorge. It would make a nice western river cruiser, but should not be considered a general purpose creek boat.