Dagger zydeco 11 any experience

A local shop has one for sale for $400 seems like a good deal. I’ve read mix reviews of 10s and 2-4 range on here mostly the complaints seem to be about the plastic being thin.

I’ve been reevaluating my needs and I would mainly be using this on flat water various small lakes and bigger lakes and on the Hudson on calmer days . I would like to do white water one day but it’s not important at this time and i can always get a ww boat down the road.

I’m looking good for something to track straight and isn’t crazy slow.

Is this a decent boat at a decent price?

Not your kayak
It’s a perfectly good rec. kayak for moving water, in other words it’s maneuverable with smallish high coaming for a rec. boat. How much do you weigh?

“Crazy slow”?
Dagger is saying it is a good boat for slightly more challenging water… but there is the high seat back and the lack of a forward bulkhead so not sure I would echo that.

But more of a question is what you regard as crazy slow. This will not be a boat with comparable hull speed to something in the 14 ft range. If your speed concern boils down to keeping up with people in longer skinnier boats, you may want to look around used.

Not to
Ruin your day but at 27.75" wide, that places it in the barge category. Not really suitable for the Hudson, perhaps some small ponds.

Good luck

Is there a reason…?
that you are popping up posts about basic rec boats here after finding out that you were near an asset like Marshall and the River Connection?

I’d be in the car driving the half hour - I think it was about that - to see Marshall by now.

220 I think it’s rated for 300

He’s out of my budget as he stated to me and I haven’t been off during his hours yet

I was you I would go for that Necky Manitou 13. Just don’t take it out to the middle of the Hudson until you develop some proven skills.

Still no response

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No response yet from seller don't think it's happening
Edit: just heard back waiting on picture but hopefully this weekend I can check it out.

shop used
Just reviewing the website classifieds for New York, there are three or four boats better suited for your needs than the zydeco, including a Necky Eliza and a Necky Looksha Sport, for under $1k.

Eliza too small for 210lbs

Weight ratings aren’t accurate
2/3 of max rating is a good ball park figure for paddler weight. The max rating gives you some idea of comparison between models of the same manufacturer with conditions and paddler skill moving the range around. While the number of dollars you spend may be a fixed number and the dimensions of the kayak are fixed numbers the max paddler weight or max load is a range somewhere between 1/2-3/4 max load. Manitou 13 is a good choice, replace the front foam block with a float bag. Make sure the previous owner didn’t drag it around too much so as to wear a hole in the stern.

I didn’t see a price on the loosha sport ?

Got it…
but still good to sit in touring boats.

Darien CT - Necky Tornak $300
Looks similar to a Zoar Sport but I don’t know the model personally.

It’s listed in Connyak.org

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc

Hyde Park, NY



good looking out
Thanks I’ll get a hold of them, thats not to hard of a drive either

The tornak was made in 97. The picture I received looks like it’s in excellent shape though but is that something that should concern me? It a good enough deal for me to take the drive and look at it. My only other issue is its 60lb but I’m young and that definitely doable.

Better pick for me then a Necky mantou 13?

One review said it’s designed for a small to medium size paddler, so it might be a tight fit for you.

I’ve been told a kayak should be a tight fit. I’ll definitely have to sit it though and make sure. I’m pretty nimble for my size so we will see if I can get in and out comfortably

You don’t want it to tight that it’s a struggle to get out of it. I like a little wiggle room.