Dagger Zydeco 9.0

Looking for a kayak for beginner teenager for flat water and up to class II possibly class III over time.

Would a Dagger Zydeco 9.0 be a good fit?

Yes, except for class III, but by the

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time she develops the skills and confidence required for class III she'll have long since become bored with it and talked you into buying her a WW boat anyway. That's okay though, because it'll be a great boat to have around when friends, nephews and nieces, etc. want to tag along. You will need flotation for it before running anything resembling WW. When I let people paddle my daughter's old one I just stuff one of my tandem canoe end floats in the stern. Works like a charm. Great little versatile rec boats IMO.

Thanks deuce

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I came across what looks like it's 2009 or 2010 based on archived dagger catalogs. He's asking $350. I think it's a little high, but there's not a lot of options in my neck of the woods for decent yaks. This one would actually be about a 3 hour round trip to go get.

BTW- the teenager is a he.

Oh, sorry bout that!
Don’t know where I got the girl part. Maybe I was just thinking of Little Deuce. I agree that sounds like a bit much, but kayaks are also very widely available in my neck of the woods.

No worries

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He acts like a little girl sometimes....lol...I'm kidding he's a great kid.

The zydeco was posted about a month ago so may see if I can use that it hasn't sold and the age to my advantage.

Thanks again for the info. and the heads up about floatation.