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Does anyone know of a web sight that has illustrated instructions on how to daisey chain a tow rope? UPS is dropping off a North Water 55' footer for me tomorrow. I know it has a clip for shortening it but would also like to learn how to do the daisey chain. Thanks.

PS I realize I spelled chain wrong! It won't let me edit the tittle. oooops!


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tricky part
While daisy chaining is simple and the animated knot link shows it quite well, be aware of one simple thing. Make sure you think through which is your start end and which is the free end.

Start your daisy at the biner end so that you finish at your body. This will allow you to control how much you play out depending on conditions.

If you do it the other way, you need to decide exactly how much to play out before you clip on to the other boat. This doesn’t allow you to change once you are under way.

Not sure what North Water is using now in the bag for a biner but make sure that you keep that biner clean and usable.

Personally I use just any bit of flotsam, small stick or such in my daisy chain to keep if from opening. That way if I do pull it, I don’t need to worry about losing the stick, just throw it in the water.


Thanks for the links and the tips! This the kind of info I needed. Happy Paddling!

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