damage in shipping new canoe

I have just received a new composite canoe - White Gold from Bell Canoe Works and it has a y-shaped crack on one side with white stress marks on the opposite side. Have you had experience with repairs of this nature? Do they hold up well? Would you opt to return or repair? The dealer does not have another model in this material in stock. How does the white gold compare to the black gold in durability and withstanding whitewater?

Did you sign for it?
If the canoe was delivered by courier did you sign for it and note that it was damaged? If you did not you have no way to prove that it was damaged in transit and not by you. Therefore if you signed for it in good condition the courier will accept no liability. If the courier accepts no liablity any relacement would come out of the dealers own pocket so it is possible they may not replace it for you.

p.s. I am UK so this may not be relevant.

damaged canoe
I opened the package at the shipping company and we noted damage before I signed. The shipping agent took photos and emailed to shipping company who faxed a claimant form to me at the freight office before I left.


Your Intended Usage?
It it were me, I would assume that I am going to do more damage than that the first couple of trips. That is why I buy used boats whenever I can.

But if your usage is would allow you to keep the boat in pristine condition for an indifinate time…

How much is it going to bother you, even if the repair looks good? Will a cash settlement make up for it? Only you can decide that. Personally, I’d opt for a new boat, but that’s me. And no, they don’t sit on top of my SUV looking pretty.

My feeling is, if my new boat is going to get cracks, I’m the one that’s going to put them there. Not the carrier. Good luck.

Weight of repair.
Paddlers buying these small light boats are normally taking the total weight into account in their decisions. Especially true if paying extra for a lighter lay up.

If weight is towards the top of your list, be sure to ask how much weight the repair is going to add to the boat!


Bell & Carl and John’s Paddlin come thru
Have resolved damaged canoe issue. Carl and John’s Paddlin offered to work with me in any way, either for a return or a new boat. John called Bell Canoe and they said they have a truck going to my area of the country this week and they will have my brand new canoe ready when it comes. Carl and John’s is handling all the insurance hassel and I’m getting a new replacement. Couldn’t ask for better. Have never visited their store, but their on-line service at paddlin.com is tops! And thanks to all responding for helping me with this touchy problem.