damage to kevlar kayak cockpit combing

When i made a wet exit out of my swift labrador sea kevlar kayak i cracked the front of the cockpit combing when I pulled the skirting off. I also broke one of the hip braces off the left side of the cockpit, its still held on by neoprene but is cracked off completely. I think the combing of the boat is of fiberglass rather than plastic and the hip brace is kevlar. Can i effect repairs with epoxy for both? any ideas would be great. and no i havent contacted swift yet.

Sure, fiberglass and epoxy
Without seeing the actual damage its hard to recommend a specific repair.

I’ve seen several broken
coamings on Swift’s and broke on of my own several years ago. The Swift coaming is made of ABS plastic, not fiberglass. One was bad enough that I had it replaced for about $100. The others I fixed or friends fixed using G/flex epoxy. I tinted the G/flex with black pigment.

Was it a neoprene skirt? The coaming on the Swift’s is really deep and I would not recommend using a sewn bungee rand and neoprene skirt. That is how I broke mine. Use only a shock corded nylon skirt for exiting safely.