Damaged foam core - Royalex

I’m sure this has been dealt with before, so feel free to respond w/links to answers from p.net. I’m looking at a 13-year-old, used Royalex canoe (OT Penboscot), and I see that at a small point on both ends, where the canoe was dragged on rocks etc., the outer vinyl has delaminated, the ABS has also worn thru, and a small (quarter-sized) patch of what I think is the foam core is exposed. The canoe was always stored upside down, outdoors, without a cover, and what I see is whitish crumbly stuff that I can chip away with my fingernail. The question is, is there some way to set the crumbly stuff (so that it stops crumbling) so that the area can hold a patch or skid plate? Or is it enough to “contain” the tiny crumbling areas with a small patch of something and proceed from there with fiberglas or kevlar?

The guy is asking mid-$500’s for the canoe, so I’m trying to figure out if this is worth it.

2-part epoxy

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I just did some minor hull repairs (mainly just filling in scratches and dings where the outer layer has worn off) with a 2 part epoxy I found at Home Depot. Not sure how long it will hold up but seems fine so far.

I did not have any exposed "crumbly" areas.

mid 5’s is too high for me

My OT Penobscot 17
was purchased new in '91 for about $800, if memory serves. I got after the ends with PC-11 epoxy paste when the ABS layer developed a soft spot about the size of my little fingernail. A little sanding and two thin applications was all I did, figuring I could add more later, if necessary. That was about 5/6 years ago and I haven’t needed to do anything since. Never got around to painting it either, so my boat’s got little white ‘bodywork’ patches on it, but no nasty brown ‘skidplates’(original lines intact) I wouldn’t sell it for less than 400, but if someone offered me 375 today, I wouldn’t laught at them.

Thanks, I saw that…
…the other day. The ‘red light’ here for me is the crumbling stuff, small areas tho’ they are. Also, the age of the canoe, although the rest of it is in great condition…

OT 'scotty
has been a great, well tested all-around cruiser. Stable and predictable, especially with a dynamic load (kids). Mine’s been well used and loved. Even in its present condition, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it out on an extended wilderness trip. Good luck!