Damaged Hull - Bic Scapa

Hi everyone,

(sorry in advance for the length of this post)

I’m hoping to tap into your collective experience / expertise and would really appreciate any suggestions or advice.

I recently purchased two Bic Scapas - one brand new and another one with known damage.

The damaged one has a dented hull at the very front tip, supposedly from shipping. I’m not overly concerned with that one - I think I can pull it out with some gentle heat and suction cups. The more serious damage is also on the hull at the very front and rear tips. These are a result of the dealer repeatedly dragging it along a concrete floor, apparently not realizing what would eventually happen… (I know - amazing). As a result, the plastic wore so thin that there is now a hole at each end of the hull.

This is where I need your help. I’ve already read a good number of encouraging “how-to” articles online so I really believe it can be fixed. I’m not overly worried about how it looks cosmetically, I just want to prevent it from taking on water and not worry about constant repairs.

I’m more than willing to figure out how to fix it myself, but would 1st take it to someone who knows what they’re doing for a reasonable fee.

If any of you know someone in the Columbus, Ohio area (+/- 2 hours) who can address this, please send me their contact info. If not, my ears are wide open for any advice and/or suggestions you may have.

It’s a a thermoformed polyethylene plastic hull. If it helps, I can also email pictures of the damage.

Thanks in advance,

Rec Repair

Amazingly easy stuff to work with. You could do it yourself and have your boats reinforced and ready to paddle in less then five minutes.

Good Idea…
Great idea… just the type of thing I’m looking for…

Anyone else?

AA, I have a Scapa and love this
SOT. It has great speed and quick to maneuver. Many of my friends in sit inside yaks are always commenting about the speed of it. Btw, there is a bit of a learning curve with the Scapa as it is a little “twitchy” until you get the feel of it. You will quickly fall in love with this kayak. Good luck on your repair.