Danbury CT - roll lessons

Can anyone provide input on places where I can take Eskimo roll lessons over the winter near Danbury CT? I have done all flatwater kayaking to date, but want to learn a roll to be able to safely tackle bigger rivers. I am in SOuthwestern CT, right on New YOk border.



is doing pool rolling sessions in Middletown.


pool sessions
The AMC sessions in Middletown are for whitewater boats, which seems to be what you want in suggesting bigger rivers in your future.

ConnYak has many sessions for sea kayaking on their event board, some with lessons, most without formal lessons. They are in Wallingford and eastern CT, not near you.

There are some sessions held in the Greenwich YMCA pool, which is the only sessions near you that I know of. Check them out.


Kayak Adventures
Runs the pool sessions at the Greenwich YMCA.


Kayak Ways
Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson do some pool sessions in Wallingford, CT. They’re excellent greenland instructors.


Marshall - The-River-Connection
Contact Marshall at The-River-Connection in Hyde Park, NY. He runs Sunday pool sessions and has a variety of long and short boats to boot.

rolling locations
Post the question on connyak.org. There are several pool session locations in Ct.

Cheri and Turner
I took pool lessons with these folks in Wallingford and they were fantastic. Highly recommended. From Danbury to Wallingford is +/- 45mins - 1 hour without traffic. Worth the drive.

thanks for the suggestions
Thank you all. I love this site.