Dancer XS vs. Dagger Blast

Which boat would be better as multiple use introductory boat for a young girl? Which one tracks better? Which one rolls better? Which one will she grow out of sooner?

Both good
The Dancer will go faster and maybe track slightly better. The Blast is a little more up to date, making for an easier transition to a modern playboat, not to mention the oh so important cool factor (if your girl is anything like mine).

The Blast has a good rep as a small person boat

I assume that you know they are both whitewater boats and won’t be a lot of fun for any sort of touring.

go for the dagger
ironically, my son ( many years ago) had both. Both roll easy. Both are good downriver play boats. The dagger is easier to surf. I know he did better in the dagger. You should be able to get either for a good price.

I can’t believe some of the boats out there now for kids! You should be even able to pick up a used jackson kayak.

The Blast had a reputation as an
excellent slalom citizen racer for kids and small adults. The Dancer XS did not. I wish my Dagger Animas was more like a sized-up Blast.

Any time now, Dr. Disco and the NewSchoolers will be along to tell us what terrible, unmanageable boats the Blast and XS were compared to today’s Jackson KiddieBoat.