"Dancing With Nature"

Provocative read (IMO):



Such a wonderful post! Thank you sing. Very enjoyable!


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Outstanding - thanks

Great article. At first I thought it might be associated with the dancing with the sea kayaking courses.

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Videos pure poetry. Thanks, sing.

Great post and video. Love skiing on such wild waves :blush:

@sing as the ambassador you will know of newquay ? The surf capital of the UK…
I live 50 miles away :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@dcowell65 i also thought it was 1 paulos training vid :wink::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone with attitude about surfing has never been out in the big stuff.
Powerful storm surf is as humbling an experience as I have ever had.

When I got older I started boogie boarding. I took a board to Jamaica. I had a local guide driving us around in a diesel bus. He showed me a beautiful point break. I had a couple of wonderful long rides on it. and then my leg dragged across a large hunk of steel. I came out of the water and talked to some local Rastas. The break was formed by an old ship wreck.

Yes, the surf is powerful and obviously bigger waves are more powerful and dangerous. Things like submerged rocks, or in the case of your lucky escape a ship can do damage or kill quickly. Just like everything else, you better know what you are doing, honestly assess your skills and learn what there is to know about your chosen beach. As someone who grew up on the ocean I will ad to your storm surge, wave warning. Times of storms with the tides really pounding is when logs kill plenty of people just playing in the surf. Definitely the playground of the experienced.

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