dang canoe cart

I use a canoe cart to get my heavy canoe from my truck to the launch. I cant always park real close to where the dock is, but usually within 40 yards. But I still prefer to set the canoe on a cart rather than carry it.

Problem is, even though I strap the canoe to the cart, it still falls off.

Any tips??

Are you pushing it or pulling it? I’ve found that pushing works best.

I’ve been pulling it. Makes more sense to push it I guess. Also, I’ve been putting the cart at the end of the canoe. Maybe in the middle would be better?

hull strapping

cart attaches to hull with cam straps ? attachments to hull need anchoring to the hull not wrapping around hull.

Used here are 1/4" shock cords behind cockpit coaming and before hatch cover. Thread straps AROUND shock cord 2-3 times for a balanced pull force…ie not lopsided.

2 hull/cart straps are better than one

taking cart off and on in the water is simply learned in practice. My cart fits into the rear hatch.

1/8" shock cord or plastic coated paper clips are spare wheel pins carried in hull.

got a pic? im not understanding…

Center cart or end cart?
Center carts work best for canoes.

The cart should be just aft of the middle of the canoe. Run a long (15 ft) strap around the front bar of the cart, over the canoe, around the front bar on the other side, and tighten the cam strap snugly in the center on top of the canoe. Take the end of the strap and tie it around the thwart in the bow of the canoe.

With the cart just aft of the center, your stern won’t be scraping the ground when you pick up the bow to pull it.

This works for me—but I should say, my canoe is a solo and light weight.

the cart just forward of the canoes widest point.Tighten the straps good and tight and it wont be able to slip back if you pull the boat along.

What kind of cart are you using?

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end or center mount?

I guess the OP forgot he posted. I have a center mount cart and run two straps around the frame. One goes on an thwart aft and the other forward. Nothing slips nor shifts.

I am not a big cart person but we use the cart to put all our boats on the summer rack by the shore. The path is 200 feet long with rocks and drops 30 feet.

I don't know how good you are about putting poorly worded and referenced things together ( mine and datakolls) but we are picturing the same thing.

he’s talking about how to strap a kayak
… more specifically, a sit- in kayak with a cockpit and a hatch, by strategically placing bungees so the &^%$# cam nylon straps don’t wiggle off as the cart bounces down the road towards the launch.

What I did with my cart (which I discovered did not work with the hull shape of my newer kayak) was to “modify” it so that when the bottom of the kayak is resting on it, it now has a place to settle in. Used thick, ultra high density foam, tube socks, stretchy, self-adhesive vet wrap, and duct tape to pad up the contact points and add some grip, because this is what I had. Vet wrap is found in any store that sells farm/horse supplies and comes in any color, & can be used for ANYTHING, human, or animal, where you need to either apply a bandage cover, attach something, or add more grip. Always keep a roll handy.

Now, if you are pulling the canoe or kayak, put the can/yak on the cart a wee bit forward, so there is just a little bit more weight on the front, aka tongue, just like you would do on a regular trailer. Strap the kayak/canoe, thinking about how to make the straps want to stay where you put them. Location, location, location… Now when you pick up the front and pull, it will tend to stay on the cart, instead of wanting to slide off towards the rear.

When I did mine that way, the stern scraped the ground when I lifted the bow to roll the cart.

attach hull to

canoe or kayak. No, I’m packing to get there but there’s of course Utube


no shock cords. Cam straps. Seattle Fabrics has components to sew wide straps.

The cart straps when wrapped around hull, slide off as the hull narrows opposite the pull. Like Newton.

The cart straps need be anchored to the hull.


strap to thwart

attach cart straps to hull then run one or 2 straps up to the nearest thwart and back. Snug up n off you go…

more is le$$
a yoke if the above fails.Yoke the thwart ! with a thwart strap wrapped around thwart then under hull and back.

Attach a bottom of hull strap running back to the cart and back to the thwart strap.

I’d use different colors.

yeah, the cart before the thwart
can cause con stern scrape- shun.

Dont forget star thistle can cause flat tires…

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