Danuu cover on Aleut Sea II

Based on measurements, I need the either the Monster or Big Guy, but these covers are always shown on surf skis and rowing skulls. Anyone with this boat use a Danuu cover for storage? Boat specs out at 22’ which is the max for the Big Guy, min for the Monster. None of my local shops stock these sizes so I cannot check for fit. If the Big Guy fit, that’d be my preference as I’d rather not deal with 4’ of extra fabric.


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Out a custom cover made with sunbrella. May not be much more.

my experience
I have a danuu cover I picked up second hand (so no idea on what model) that I use on an Aquanaut HV (17.5’ boat). Has an extra few feet of material. Wroks fine and the extra material is not any sort of hassle for me.

Have you contacted Danuu with baot specs to see what they say?

$100 more
I have, best quote was $100 more than the Danuu cover.

Made my own.
Went to Hobby Lobby and found awning material comparable to Sunbrella. Purchased 16 feet (for a 14-foot 22" kayak). I did hem the ends but not the edge as the material doesn’t fray.

I just wrap it around the boat and secure it with bungee cords. Total cost was around $45 using their discount coupon. Boat stored on a dock in full sun all summer. Cover worked quite well (and needs to go into the washing machine soon) and just takes a couple of minutes to put on and take off.

Maybe I’ll add velcro strips this winter when boredom sets in.

I get tarps on ebay. use a 6 x 20 and fold it in half for my 18’10" Current Designs Extreme. Use other sizes for the other kayaks. Then after a while I fold them differently so each side has expose to the sun.