darn skeg....

…I have a LL XP10 w/ retractable skeg…after only a few outing…the skeg refuses to deploy sometimes. Any one else having this problem and how did you remedy it? I have done the usual hi-pressure wash of the skeg box…checked the skeg cable. I can’t find a visible reason for the skeg to hang up. Only thing I can see is a Spring under the skeg and maybe it has snapped in one of the windings and is no longer pushing out the skeg.

re skeg
contact your dealer or liquid logic, they are a good company that stands behind there products. They should be able to help u…

email obie@liquidlogickayaks.com, he was able to help me with a skeg wire issue on my Coupe

if your skeg is like mine, you should be able to unbolt the skeg wire from the handle mechanism, then pop the skeg out a little ways to see if there is any debris hanging up the pivot point or spring.

I hate it when
there is a problem indicated in the subject line, and I open the post to see the name of a boat I bought 2 days ago!

(BTW, and OT, I had it out yesterday in some pretty fast moving flatwater and found surprisingly that I only used the skeg when I realized I had not been using it and should check it out. I attribute this to learning the stern draw the previous weekend in a white water class – a very nice correcting stroke! The instructor said to be patient and have faith in the stroke, meaning that you can give the correction and go back to a normal stroke right away before necessarily feeling it correct – very cool.)