Darwin Award runners up: USCG rescues non-swimmer partiers on flamingo pool raft in 45 degree Alaskan bay

Don’t know if this link is accessible to non-WaPo-subscribers. Not much I can say about this junket and its outcome that has not already been said in the Reader comments.

"We should have been more aware of the tides and the wind, but it was kind of like, ‘What could go wrong?’ ”

As we all know, In 45* water, EVERYTHING can go wrong for almost any reason at all, almost instantly :slight_smile: They’re lucky people were watching and they had an extremely easy to find craft.

I understand the girl moved there recently, but it doesnt take too much brainpower to figure out what happens if the wind catches a pool toy, does it? Expecially considering this makes the news a couple times a year from somewhere in the world. It wasnt too many months ago a little girl was rescued in the mediterranean by a passing ferry after being blown out to sea. That made international news

One of the oddities is that the 30 year old birthday “girl” was from coastal Oregon and one would think somebody from there would have some awareness of the dangers of the northern Pacific Ocean. But it was apparently a case of them having lucked out one time before and floated near a beach in the danged thing on a day when it stayed put. Dogs should be removed from the owners by the ASPCA. Who sticks a pug and a chihuahua in a pool raft anyway? SMH. Can just imagine Paris the Pup shaking hers watching from the deck of Chuck’s kayak.

Millennials and silly innertubes …we see them on our spring run rivers. They’re safer there than in any ocean.

Of course not so much during gator mating season or at night. Or on holiday weekends when the wake boats are buzzing through with the jet skis.

There are dangers everywhere and people facing them unprepared.

Well done USCG!! Saved this year’s probable winners of a Darwin Award.

The comments to the article are a good read, this one made me laugh out loud:
“When you are stupid in the morning, you are stupid all day.”


I see paddle boarders all the time paddling cold water in bathing suits with a PFD on the deck. They are on Puget Sound in summer which is 55 degrees in August. I see them on Lake Tahoe in all months of the year. I don’t get it.

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Evidently they don’t get it either.

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Not just paddling. Police cars w flashing lights sitting at nearby alleys and cross streets to block them off for something all day today. Not two minutes after l parked out front earlier l heard the sound of a pretty robust vehicular hit around the corner. Someone tried speeding right in front of one of the parked police cars. One more car and a light pole involved, l left when l heard the cop yelling quite loudly at one of the drivers about going too fast.

Caridelo. No no no no! That is so cynical. They joined the forum and got the sea rated model. Made 6th runner up on Darwin Awards. Why do flamingos get a bad rap. Probably the color.

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