Dash board

Hi. I see many new rec kayaks have a dashboard thingy. I expect it would be really handy. Now my dagger doesn’t have one but I found a useful thingy at MEC. Waterproof with a round spinny access hatch. Keeps my phone and a sandwich and meds handy. Clips onto the rigging. Also will hold my real camera with a bit of manoeuvring.

Looks mire like a “deck bag” with hatch cover. Most “dash boards” are a half insert that fits inside the cockpit foaming. Deck bags can put weight on the deck creating a balance problem. But that boat shouldn’t have a problem.

Note paddling with the hatch open is risking loosing what’s inside.

A lot of touring sea kayaks use a deck bag. Normally they attach to perimeter lines

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You won’t see a lot of whitewater paddlers or seakayak paddlers using something like that. The first instinctive move when capsized is push yourself onto the front deck to set up for a roll. You could still do back deck rolls but I would’t want to lose the option of rolling from the front deck.

Interesting idea for rec boats I guess… it takes up space where I think there should be a spare paddle but on this Dagger no way to put on there anyway. Just would be in the way for a sea kayak or a WW boat.

I used to carry hand paddles in my WW boat as spares in case my paddle got away from me. The darnedest thing is that when I sold my WW boat a few weeks ago, they were not in there, or anywhere in my garage. So somehow I lost my spares. But, I found a nice paddle last week and have so far been unable to locate the owner. The universe takes and the universe gives?

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