Daughter want's to get hubby good mid priced fishing kayak. Help!

JD is an avid fisherman both salt and freshwater. Lives near the Ozark’s in Arkansas, but spends time in Maine on the coast and SC too. I would think something you could pedal or paddle would be ideal. Are there any mid price options there? If paddle only something fast and light maybe?

If you ever get close to southern Maine, Kittery Trading Post is discounting “in stock” kayaks 15% this week…Further south, I have purchased “returned kayaks” at LL Bean Outlets in “tax free” NH. These outlets stores also have sales once in a while. Beware of folks taking advantage of the current shortage by selling older used boats at inflated prices! I sold a mint condition Pungo 140 for $600 (the latest version of the discontinued 14’ length). But I have seen pre-2015, 12’ Pungo 120 with the old rubber lid hatch covers for ridiculous high prices - so do some research. The latest Pungo 120 now sells for $999 unless found on sale. A 6 year old kayaks, that cost $799 new, is not worth $750 used. Even a 12’ Pungo is good for fishing lakes and calmer coastal backchannels - open cockpit allows access to gear. I suggest renting a few kayaks, because peddle vs paddle kayaks and sit-on vs sit-in, is a personal comfort choice for the user. Good luck!

Define mid price. There are Hobies for $3K plus and Pelicans for less than $1K , so $1500?
There are some multi fishing boat reviews out now for all price ranges.
I would think he would like a pedal drive if avid means lots of casting.
We can probably arrange to let him try my Tarpon.

Try Jackson Kayaks for $$$$$. I would look at his weigh and height to get a proper fit. Most shops allow tryouts maybe. Hank Parker uses one and it on utube. He only knows white spinner bates :wink: