Daughters new Yak

My middle daughter has been saving her baby sitting money to buy a new kayak and she informed me today she has her 1300+ ready to spend. We have a fantastic paddling shop here in the Kansas City metro area and they are willing to let her paddle what ever she would like. She likes my Looksha Sport quite a bit but it feels big on her. That being said, she sat in the Elaho Sport and fell in love with the feel on dry land. We paddle midwest lakes and the mid-Missouri rivers. (Current, Jacks Fork, so on…beautiful country!) We feel the 14 foot/ish lenght is just about right for what we like to do. Lengthy lead in to the question, are there any Elaho Sport owners that can contribute comment here regarding their feelings of/on the boat.



No Help, But
I am no help, but I am really impressed with a kid that saves $1,300 of her own money to buy a kayak!

It helps…
Our oldest took up archery years ago and we did the same for her. Paid for the first, 1/2ed the second, had her do it all on her own for the third. Her current target bow is in the same price range as the yak our middle wants to buy; she has taken very good care of it because it was her money shelled out!

I hope we’re looking in the right direction at this particular model of kayak. I guess we’ll see…


Impressed Also
She’s definitely got her priorities straight. I haven’t paddled Necky kayaks, but for Ozark rivers, I think sh would be better off with a boat 13’ or less. A 14’ boat will be more difficult to maneuver, especially, the upper Current, and Jack’s Fork. I hate to reccomend boats, because we all have different bodies, and different priorities. That said, I believe Kansas City Paddler handles Current Designs, and I believe the Kestrel might be just the boat for her on our Ozark rivers. Here’s a link. Good luck! WW


KC Paddler

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Yep, that's our shop, great guys! I'm familiar with the CD product.

My daughter really likes the sit-in fit of the Elaho Sp. and has had no problem with my Looksha Sp. at 14 foot. In what few notes I have found on the Elaho Sport it sounds like it turns on a dime. And in speaking with Dave at Necky his comments were that its original design was for the "smaller" paddler; a bit sensitive on initial stability but solid secondary.

KC Paddler just called (as I type) and mentioned that they are haveing a demo this weekend, I wonder if my excited daughter can hang on for a few more days!

Elaho is a good
choice. Fourteen feet is not a long kayak, regardless what some may say. The Elaho is a very manueverable boat and she will most likely paddle it for many years. Good luck :slight_smile:


ex missourian

You must have a great kid, that really wants to kayak. You should buy her the kayak and put that money away for a car or college.

Jason S.


Brag time
My daughter is the one who got me started kayaking. At age 16, she worked, saved $700 and bought her own kayak from an LL Bean catalog. It was a Perception Catalina. (We knew nothing about demo days and such.) Up until then, I hadn’t thought she was very serious about wanting to paddle. But when she bought her own boat with her own money, I went out and bought one, too. I’ve never regretted it!

Congrats on having a great kid! I’ve admired the Elaho, too, but have never paddled one.

Car etc.
Comments noted on the education and car. It’s not far off. Our oldest (of the three daughters) is 17 so it’s here!

I’m quite proud of her for setting her money aside for this new yak. Prior to this, saving was kind of a thing to do without a goal in mind.

She is going to go out and give the Elaho Sport a paddle this weekend and I’m sure we will be racking a new boat on the Honda Odyssey moments after she returns to land!