Dawn Trekker by Ocean Kayak info

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Does anyone have any info on this unusual kayak? A coworker is selling one but I can't find any reviews. Thanks much

That’s Dawn Trakker
My husband has one, and it was the first kayak I ever paddled. It is very stable, and tracks like a dream because of the channels on the bottom. He has even taken his in the ocean in currents and been fine. He has had it for 8 years or so, and is still very happy with it. It has a double hull which makes it a little heavier, but also very sturdy and warmer in colder waters. It has scupper plugs which actually work, and a removable combing. This allows it to transform from a sit on top to a regular rec kayak. We are just in the process of installing optional hatch covers so we can do some camping with it this summer. In short, it’s a great all-purpose boat.

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