Dawson Trail Entry

Just made reservation for 6/15/08. Anyone have recommendations forlakes/sights/routes?

for where?
be more specific on your location you may actually get some results. hope it helps.


As in Dawson City Yukon…?

entry point
pickerel lake is our destination lake,thinking chatterton falls but haven’t done this one before. 4-6 people,should all be experienced,but we get the odd virgin occasionally.

I wish
nope, Quetico

I’ve done the Yukon and will
do it again in 09…I would love to trip Quetico, never been in that part of the country…

Pickeral is your entry point-go anywhere

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you want to, depending on how many days you have
and how hard you want to work at it.

Chatterton Falls (Russell Lake) is a 2 to 3 day trip (one-way) from your put in at French Lake, and depending on how you want to return, at least the same travel time. Fishing below the falls is normally quite good, but it depends on how many parties may be camped on Russell, and whether you get an early start. Also, fishing in the river (Russell L outlet to Sturgeon L)and in Sturgeon where the current starts to drop off is good. Generally, fishing should be good anywhere in Q at that time of year.

Generally, a 15 mile day, including 2 or 3 or 4 portages, is a moderately strenuous to strenuous pace for Quetico travel depending on wind and efficiency at which you travel and portage.

You can do a bit of a loop - go W on Pickeral and down S through Bisk, Beg, Bud to Fern, then W to Olifaunt to Sturgeon to Russell - Could return to Sturgeon, and back N via/through Dieux Rivieres and Dore. If you have enough time, you could swing farther W on the return, going W on Sturgeon and N via Lonely Cr and Lake etc. to Batchewaung and back to Pickeral.

Pickeral (and Sturgeon)can be a bear to paddle in the wind - prevailing winds are from the W but in early June, as often as not, the wind is out of the E or NE - good idea to keep a day or so "In reserve" in case you get windbound there.

If at all possible, pick up your permit at the Dawson Cr Ranger Station the afternoon before your entry date. That way, you can break camp from Dawson Campground, and be at the put in on French L in the dark, and be paddling at first light - best way to avoid the wind. If you can't get to the ranger station before it closes for the day, you can still get your canoes ready at the put-in in the dark, the day of your entry, have them ready to go, then go to the ranger station and be waiting for them to open up
- I think it opens at 7:30 - then it'll take a half hour or so to pay and get your paperwork done, and you can still be on the water fairly early.

You can order guidebooks and other info from the website I posted the link to . also .....


- fisher also sells guide books, and you will need thier "F" series maps to navigate by.

Thanks Mattt
Appreciate the info. Hard to say when we’d get there the night before so I guess we’d do morning paperwork. Usually we move every other night but the last couple of years the silverbacks in our group seem content with 16-18 miles in the first day then basecamp and daytrip it. Looks like we’ll get 6 nights this trip. I go with a younger crowd in the fall, probably try an Atikokan entry then with a more ambitious itinerary.