Day touring kayak, comments/suggestions

I’ve done alot of research and there are alot of kayaks on my list that are good. I’m six feet, 180lbs and have a 32" inseem. I’m looking for a kayak that would be great for day trips (5-10 miles), possible overnights, and can handle boat wake (will be paddling along the Intracoastal within Ft. Lauderdale). Now here’s the tricky part, since I’m a grad student I can’t spend more than $800, on a budget. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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at PNet! I found my KajakSport Artisan Millenium there. There are usually several boats for sale in FL listed. See what's available and ask for advice.

Current Designs choices
You can buy a CD Breeze for about $790 brand new (less if you shop around) or go up a little in length to a CD Whistler for a few bux more. BTW, I’m hoping that $800 is boat only - play on spending $90 to $170 minimum for a paddle worth owning.

Easky 13
New Easky 13 from P&H - would be a good match for what you are looking for - retail (US $849)