Day trips on the Current with Kids

My wife and I are planning a trip to the Current the week of 8/10/09. We will be paddling with our two kids who are 6 and 4. I’ve been considering the different day trips we would like to make. Would a trip from Baptist camp to Akers be good for beginning to intermediate paddlers, or perhaps, Akers to Roundspring. I know these two may be a little long for the kids, I will determine the length of trip they can tolerate before we start. Thanks, for any advice or suggestions you may have.


16 miles is good for you and your
mate but way too long for your little kids.

Plan on six or seven miles. Pulltite to Round Spring is a nice paddle. Get out river right at the sign for Pulltite cabin and walk back to see the cabin itself…its about 400 yards back in.

Akers to Round Spring is a full day paddle for trippers but leaves little time for exploring and doing other things that kids like to do. Cave Spring however is nice.

Baptist end of the river is twisty turny and a narrow watercourse that does not seem to have as many wading holes. But I could be wrong as I paddled the Current only in very high water.

Thanks for your advice!
Would a trip from Cedar grove to Akers Ferry be one to consider? Or is this the section of the river that is narrower.

That one is narrow too BUT

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Welch Springs is something your kids might enjoy.

Its about four miles down from Cedargrove.

The spring erupts from under a cliff and there are ruins of an old asthma hospital on the riverbank.

It kind of looks like a prison.

If you did Baptist to Cedargrove you have to worry about the intake pipes just before the takeout at the road bridge crossing. Putting in at Cedargrove avoids that potential problem.

I suspect the "problem" is a non issue at low water but I always think highwater issues and plan for the worst.

Again gravel bars might not be as plentiful as on the lower river but there are takeouts for exploring trails that run along the river.

I am not a local (reminder) and the Current is a river I would like to do again at lower water levels. The sweepers between Baptist and Cedargrove --well one was all the way across the river in April and wrecked at least one boat. NPS did get out to fix it when water levels fell, but with all the rain lately ( I think ) its wiser with littleuns to go where the river is wider and a tree cant span it.

I love the Ozarks in the spring when its mud and snow up here. You have great paddling and great people down there.

Thanks, Kayakmedic.
I definately want to float sections of the river that will pose the least risk and potential strainers. I’m leaning towards the pulltite to roundspring one day, and perhaps Akers to pulltite another. Although, I would really like to see the old hospital at Welch spring. Perhaps, I’ll do a short daytrip alone to visit this section.

If …
If you are going to be on the river on the 10th, or after the 10th, I suggest you take a look at the long term weather forecast for that area.

Akers to Pulltite(approx. 10.5 miles), and Pulltite to Round Springs (approx. 9 miles) would be the two sections that I would suggest for beginners. If you see something that looks even remotely hazardous (thinking of the kids), pull over & walk/line the canoe through.

You should be able to average about 2.5 miles per hours when paddling. If you get on the river by 10 a.m., you’d have plenty of time to cover those distances & still have plenty of time to lolly gag on gravel bars, swim & play some.

Would try to do those trips on week days as opposed to a weekend. That way you can avoid some of the weekend drunks & the jon boat jockeys.


Definately paddling on weekdays.
Thanks, for the response Bob. I was hoping for your advice. We hope to be on the river Tuesday(8/11) and maybe again Thursday(8/13), depending on the weather. I avoid weekends as much as possible, especially this trip having the kids along. The forecast looks as though there is some rain this week, but so far looks clear for the week of 8/10.