De "5 minute" boat stand...

Spent de day buidin’ some “five minute” boat stands. (Alright it takes five minutes ta look at de daguerreotypes - a couple hours ta make dem).

10 bucks o’ 2X4’s, as Narm Abrams always says… “a little bit o’ glue”, some screws, bolts an’ nuts an’ wallah… boat stands dat have riser extensoons so yer kin woyk on yer boats overhead or fer storage fer two (or three) boats.

Shood’a gone canooin’!


Please tell me you used wingnuts.
Nice job.

Is that a plastic kayak?
Did I see a plastic kayak in with all those other fine boats?

Where did you find straight 2x4s for $10?

Was just thinking about building…
…some of these myself. Now I know just how I’ll do it. Thanks for posting, FE!

$1.98 at Home Crappo

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fer a 2x4x8' kiln dried stick. Yer got'ta pick through de pile a'might. It took 5 of 'em plus one 2x3x8' ta make a set of de stands wit de extensoons. Ah' used some soft braided poly rope instead of strappin' fer de sling since ah' didn't have any straps a'kickin' 'round. Iffin' yer use some plywood gussets instead o' de 1X2 anti-rackin' stringers yer kin fit a'nudder narrow boat 'tween de two horizoontal lower cross pieces which be wat ah's gon'na do waan ah' find some scrap plywood.

Aa fer as de plastic 'yak , well.... it ain't mine! Ah's storin' dat OT Loon 120 fer me friend who's gittin' deployed (she be an Air Force Reserve nurse) ta Germany an' possibly later ta Afghanistan (hopefully not) fer a minimum o' 3 months or possibly more.


FE it sounds like you know what you

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are doing.

Now that five minute long did it take you really to make one? Is it a cuppla hours or is that like "Ossifer I just had a cuppla beers"?

I would like my hubby to make me two..and I know the multiplier factor to use (that would be 20) but the X is the base time that it ought to take.

That way I know how many weekends he has to be in the shop.

Well, lets jus’ say…

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It waar "5" minutes in "Dis Ol' House Time" which means it really takes 2-3 hours off camera ta set up all de machines, measure everythin', git all de hardwaar tagitter, jabber wit de neighbors, go ta de can, etc., then put it all togitter - well, maybe not 5 minutes. Ah' jus' say it be like "5 minute epoxy" - wishful reckonin'!

Figger 2-3 hours - longer wit jus' hand tools. Trick be dat yer might jus' as well make a'nudder set or two while yer at it, since yer have everthin' already set up.


The floor braces that parallel the canoe length look kinda short. I would worry about it collapsing when pulling out a canoe from the lower position especially while one is on top. Otherwise, some good ideas.

Never had much o’ a problem…

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wit tippin' an' been usin' dem fer many years. De bottom "feet" aar 24" long (end pieces left over fro' de oreeginal 96" which de two 36" uprights be a'cut fro') which is ok fer jus' dis here light-weight stand, but yer cood make dem ta any size yer want fer more stability. Yer cood also bolt dem onto de uprights instead of screwing dem ta be able ta break 'em down fer transport which ah' did on some o' me others. Dis particular 2X4 stand be "light duty" - me actual "heavy duty" work stands aar pressure treated 2x6's an' be heavy as Auntie Brunhilda's Famoos Norse fruit cakes.

But yer right, a longer base will be more stabool but then these would become "6" minute boat stands... ;>)


Is that one of my coolers?
That blue thing…

i thought this was going to be about
standing on a paddle board - wrong.

Ahhhh! Nope…

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Dat wuz a kooler dat ah' "found" outside de door o' an organ donor center. Figgered it waar chitlin's, so ah' ett it. Tasted ok, but kind'a gamey, though!


Ok that would be at least 2-3 days
and a couple of hundred dollars. We have the table saw etc…but there would be multiple trips to Rockler… for the accessories.

When I see these for sale at $175 each pair at canoe shows…I have to remind myself that they really are less expensive than DIY…LOL…

Yer live near Rockler?
Shazam! Ah’ be a’mighty enveyoos. Ah’s order many things fro’ dem over de years. Lucky ye!


Nuts! Fruits…
…Thought we were gonna see pix of the fruit cakes…