De-colored royalex hull

Today I noticed several large discolored splotches on the underside of my Old Town Appalachian that have appeared within the last week or two. It looks almost like the pigment has been leeched out of the vinyl. I store this canoe outdoors on a rack, covered by a tarp. We have gotten tons of rain over the last few weeks, and the temperature has not gotten above 80 yet this year. What caused this?

Those marks look like the weave from a tarp… Guessing it was in contact?

Yes, the tarp has been in contact. I also see the weave pattern.

It’s been a dozen years so I can’t remember if my discoloration was quite as bad as yours appears to be but…

I put a new-to-me red Bell canoe temporarily under a tarp for a week or two and found sickening discoloration upon removing the tarp. It all went away once everything had thoroughly dried out.

Don’t panic quite yet.

The strange thing is that I’ve had this thing under a tarp for six months and the discoloration happened in the last two weeks, which I know because I took it for a float two weeks ago.

There is probably another thread that discusses better outdoor storage solutions. I figured a tarp would be the cheapest but seems like I need to reevaluate.

What color was the tarp?

Looks like it could be some leaching from the cheap tarp with heat and moisture.

I have a green old town I just got and for now I have been keeping it outside semi shaded spot upside down on saw horses. it gets a little water inside from rain as it leaks in around the end decks and collects someplace and comes out when flipped over. I want to tarp it also and have been thinking of ways to hold the tarp away from the hull.

Have you tried scrubbing the stained areas?

I posted earlier about the discoloration on my boat that went away after a few days of drying out. After looking again at your pictures, what happened to my boat does not look anything comparable to yours. Mine was discolored, while your looks like a completely different color—frosty white.

Two of my canoes live in the garage. My whitewater royalex boat (which is already quite ugly) has lived for several years outside under a tarp with the tarp laying directly on top of the boat. I’ve had no problems or discoloration. (One of my summertime goals is to rebuild my garage boat rack to accommodate three boats so that everyone can live inside.

I was using a new blue tarp ordered from Amazon. I’m now looking into more breathable purpose-made canoe storage bags or covers.

I wonder how tyvek would work?

You can probably remove the discoloration. Start with mild products like soap and water, then Bon Ami and a sponge. Try lacquer thinner on a small spot. Try rubbing compound. I am betting it can be removed.

Have you tried 303 Aerospace Spray? It restores color and vitality to vinyl and plastic surfaces. it protects against UV damage as well! I used it on my old Discovery 169 and on new kevlar canoe gelcoat too. I see some canoe companies use it to spray on their new canoes that are exposed to the sun as they are on display outside. It works to restore and revitalize. Worked great for me! Some will say even better than marine wax!

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An update on this discoloration: the color has mostly returned to these patches. My buddy says that the discoloration suggests the previous owner coated the canoe with some kind of water-based coating (possibly urethane?). I have tentatively tried rubbing mineral spirits on a spot but didn’t see any change. I’d like to rub on some 303 but I don’t know if it will help to revitalize the hull if there is another layer of coating between the 303 and the vinyl. Don’t know if anyone has any new ideas :upside_down_face:

I have been experimenting with a product called Fluid Film that is a spray that is mainly wool wax or lanolin. It worked wonders cosmetically on the bottom of my OT canoe. I started a thread and there are some before and after photos if you are interested.
I’m not sure what it will do for your problem.

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