Dead Butt Syndrome

Was a new expression for me. My Dad would sometimes say to teenage me " Get off your dead Butt and get to work."
Not the same thing from what I read. I may have come close during our lousy winter but spring is here!

Did see on the weather map that some of that southern warmth is traveling north next week. Much appreciated…although from past experience, I know we can get some whopping snowstorms in April.

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Thirty one years ago, Kim Fadiman writing in Canoe and Kayak Magazine, suggested we call ourselves “butters,” since we paddle mostly on our “butts.” Unfortunately, due to its location, the “butt” is not appreciated or respected, so it gets neglected when we paddle and goes to sleep. This to me is “Dead Butt Syndrome!” Some call it “gluteal amnesia.” I call it gluteal anesthesia. So, this Spring, don’t get off your “dead Butt,” activate them instead, for they are your most largest and powerful paddling muscles.

Butt, my daughter tells me I don’t have one.

We used to call our overnight drives to Florida the Broken Butt Express.

I can relate, sort of. I grew up in Charleston, SC. My grandparents lived near Tampa. The primary highway to get there was 2 lane US 301 that went through every small town possible. No interstate , no rest areas, and no AC for the car. Lots of woods to pee in though.
Took 8 hours on a good day. We would leave before dawn so my parents could enjoy the first few hours while my brother and I slept.
Then we woke up and the squabbling started.
Fond memories. Not.

I have been having problems with my kayak seat. After an hour or two it hurts my parts. Today after a long drive I’m convinced it’s not the kayak seat.

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A boy with no ifs, ands or butts but butthead for a brother
by butting heads with bro backseat to bother both dad and mother
is 'bout to burn alive dead butt as boiling dad’s belt’s swing go
'lest he and bro butt-out their row settling in with auto bingo

Oh yea. And then there’s always that clever, “He started it!” sister. You guys will likely be the sore butts of her joke before ya even hit Gainesville!