Dead legs

Where can I get a foam/sponge booster seat for my 16 year old who gets constant dead legs? He has tried stretching exercises but although it has improved slightly he still has to get out and stretch every 15 minutes!

Get Out of What?

Something like this
Something like this thigh support might work.

To save some money, you might be better off using a cut up pool noodle, or if you already own a paddle float, have him wedge that under his thighs. A few companies sell gel seats, but in my experience those don’t stop the dead legs phenomenon. A kayak with a seat with multiple adjustments, like the WS Phase three seating, or the equivalent in newer Old Town boats allow you to raise the front of the seat angle. That can help significantly.

check out
jackson kayak sweet cheeks. they also make an under thigh pad

Look at this thigh cushion
This is designed for exactly the problem you have described. The seat cushions may add comfort to the ride, but the cushion under the thigh will most likely eliminate the leg numbness. Now if I could only get mine back from the person who borrowed it and liked it so much won’t give it back! LOL!

Wenonah Canoe peel-and-stick seat pad
I’ve used these in all my kayaks and canoes, and they totally eliminated the numbness I used to encounter. A lot of times folks w/‘dead legs’ have the foot braces set too far forward also, with no bend in the knees, and legs laying fairly flat. If this might be the case, move the braces back closer to the paddler to raise the knees a bit relieving some of the pressure one his bum. If they have a ‘boney butt’ the pad will also add some relief.

Seriously. Get Out of What?
If he’s in a Wilderness Systems kayak it’s probably already equipped with the best adjustable thigh support on the market… in my opinion. If he’s having dead legs in that he might try looking for another outdoor activity.

pumping legs
through the stroke has helped me with not only relieving my back pain but leg numbness. Try that and the thigh support pad.

new Necky seat is good
I got the new Necky gray seat (not the fancy extrasport but the one that looks like 2 legs coming out the front) and have not had a problem with numbness. Have spent up to 2 1/2 hours without a problem.

Before that legs would go numb in about 30 min.

How tight is the fit?
Much more common to have legs going to sleep in a tight-fitting boat than in a boat where you can shift your leg or foot position easily.