Dead River Weekend

It has been a couple of years since I have run the Dead River in northwest Maine, so I joined the Boston AMC trip last weekend. The Dead is one of the longest continuous whitewater runs in the northeast with approximately 30 named and unnamed rapids along the 14-mile stretch from Spencer Stream to The Forks. I paddled solo for the 2400 release on Saturday (easy class III), and tandem for the 1800 release on Sunday (class II/III). It’s a long drive up there, and the shuttle is a pain, but the river is worth it with some amazing scenery. This is us running Haydens - I am at the back of the line in the teal canoe.

If you’re interested in the long version, you can see the trip reports and pictures here.

Trip report from day 1

Pictures from day 1

Trip report from day 2

Pictures from day 2

Why the name?

Name of the river? I don’t know - its actually very lively!