Deal or no Deal? '09 Venture Kayak Easkey 13


Looking to pick up a boat for my wife who is a novice paddler. Saw these on our local CL. Price for 1 boat + carbon paddle (which I don’t need, but would be an upgrade) and a PFD is $1100. Seems steep to me for a 10 year old boat.

More like *600-800 for all? Less? More? Retailed for $1400 in 09. current ones are $1600.

Also open to other boat suggestions for the Mrs who is 5’1 and pretty athletic. She doesn’t like tippy boats as we had an older necky a while back we had to sell since she was scared of it.

this one is local too, but from the description sounds too big for her?



It does seem on the pricey side, but whether it’s a good deal or not depends on how suitable the boat and other equipment is for her, and also how much you want or need to get a great buy. Can you go with her and let her try it out? Trying out the boat is a good idea in any case, and you can always make a lower offer.

I also wonder if maybe you’d be better off spending some of that money on a lesson or two for her. Perhaps a little time in a boat with an instructor would make her more comfortable in a narrower boat, which would be more suitable for her size.

I bought a Craigslist boat before having any instruction, but I also sold that boat pretty soon after.

they agreed to let us try it out. I think I’ll take them up on that. There is one place to do lessons about 30min away - I’ll look into it…

Current price is $1300 new from an online price I found, so does seem a touch on the pricey side.

What do you paddle? And what sort of waters will you be paddling? Just want to make sure that this boat would be roughly similar to what you have in mind using it for.

another thing to consider is that at an “athletic” 5’1", an average (men’s) PFD might be way too big and an average paddle too long.

I think it’s too much money for a 10-year old RM kayak. Also, the paddle and PFD may not fit your petite wife.

A brand new Venture Esky 13 is $1300.
At 27 inches wide, it will be slow, but stable on flat water. The 33.9" x 18.9" cockpit is large for a petite person.

BTW Lake George has a used Venture Esky 13 for sale at $899 (no info on age of kayak, but you could email and ask).

Super that she can demo the boat. Here’s a link about what should be checked for proper fit:

Hopefully you can get your wife the lesson first so she can learn to relax her hips and move with the boat. Usually it’s the paddler who’s tippy, not the kayak - unless it’s a long skinny surfski.

Happy paddling…

We’ll mostly be doing still water w/ the kids and the occasional trip down the sac and maybe a coastal lagoon. I totally agree re: the paddler is tippy since I suck too. My boat is a zoar sport which is a total pig. The older couple selling the kayaks are certainly no experts - they bought 2 of the same kayaks for his and hers.

I like the lesson idea. Would be cool to get her a boat that she felt safe and confident in. She wants to do the kayaking especially with the kids now getting involved, but I’m not sure how much patience she’ll have if the boat feels “tippy” even if it’s her issue and not the boat.

Thanks for the feedback and links, folks; much appreciated.


She might be happier in one of Venture’s low volume models if you can find one. I believe their Islay 12 and 14 both come in LV versions for smaller folk. I am 5’ 5” and 145 pounds and paddle a Venture Easky 15LV. One of my best friends is 5’ 2” and about 130 pounds and I have loaned her the Easky numerous times and she loves it. She is a relative newbie to kayaking and though the Easky LV is only 22” abeam she feels very stable in it and likes the ease of propulsion and cockpit comfort. It is much easier for a smaller person with shorter arms to paddle a lower decked narrow boat. By the way, Ventures are made in Great Britain by the renowned P & H and are very well finished and outfitted. $700 is not an outrageous price for one in good condition. My own is 9 years old and despite pretty heavy use is in great shape. The Easky 15 LV is also only 45 pounds - weight is another thing to consider in selecting a kayak for a smaller person.