Debris Turbines

-- Last Updated: Nov-01-07 3:51 PM EST --

Anyone know much about these things?

Are they a hazard to boaters?

they look tippy
I’m not sure a rudder would help

Hard to tell
So - if I guess right they work by the water coming towards them spinning them around and I guess helping to cause logs etc to be bumped or caught and kinda flung downstream?

I don’t see a big diff between the risk of being driven towards them or the piling that is under them by the normal current. But as you get closer they are wider than the bridge support and maybe could set up some interesting currents around them.

That said, the logs etc that they are probably intended to deflect are a boating hazard as well. So maybe the debris turbines aren’t posing a radically different risk than the supports they are protecting.

Treat as a strainer
one that you’d see in a Mad Max whitewater world.

Where’d you see that?

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