Decal glue off of Royalex?

What would be a good suggestion for removing the tacky, sticky glue left over from removing a decal? I have paint thinner on hand and also fingernail polish remover, but don’t know the outcome on a Royalex canoe. Thanks for responding…Randy

dat sticky stuf…
You want “Goo-gone” and you can buy it at most big pharmacies or office supply places. A miracle product (and much loved by elementary school teachers coast to coast!)

WD40 and an old credit card
stay away with acetone (fingernail polish remover), I don’t know about paint thinner. But, WD40 will do it without screwing up your boat.

Lighter fluid (naptha) works well.
Or, my favorite, Bestine rubber cement thinner (heptane) is, by far, the awesomest sticky-stuff remover (except in the case of 3M high-performance acrylic adhesives-I haven’t figured that one out yet).

Goo Gone is great. If you think it needs
softening,put a paper towel over it and wet it with GG ;let it sit a few minutes.

I appreciate all of the help. Thank you and have a great day.