Decals on your boat?

Kayaks/Canoes… what decals do you have on your boat, where did you get them done, o line or at a local business? (not just store stickers)… custom stuff!

I have gotten various vinyl stickers from They have a wide range of designs and custom cut them to order in your choice of colors. Nice little family business. I also put the names of my boats on the hulls using custom lettering from Rapid Vinyl on Ebay. Their ordering app allows you to type in your phrase and select the scale, color and font that you want. The letters come already spaced on double backing so they are easy to apply.

Here’s a shot of a peace dove from Hippy Motors and the boat name from Rapid Vinyl on my poly Venture sea kayak. Both stickers have been on the boat for 3 years and have held up well.


Flashback%20bow MR%20Flashback%20being%20restored

There is a local business within 20 miles from me that are experts at reproducing virtually any design I need. They are not expensive and do a quality job.
Have used them quite a lot; mostly when I want/need replacement stickers for varied boats on which I’m doing a cleanup, fix up, repaint, or a full restoration

Typically I have them copy a design used by the original manufacturer, which has been partially, or fully destroyed. I’ve only ever named 2 boats; " Purple Haze" , my Mohawk Probe 12 II is shown. One of my wife’s canoes,“Cherry Bomb” is not shown. I think average cost is about 70 cents per decal.

Flashback%20bow MR%20Flashback%20being%20restored

Just a female paddler petroglyph on one kayak and on the other, the logo of a downstate paddling/coaching shop because I think it’s a cool design.