December destination?

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I have a weeks of vacation I need to use before the end of the year.

But I broke my collarbone 2 weeks ago so I'm out of commission till late October. According to the doc, I should be "back to normal" no later than mid-November.

That means Thanksgiving to Christmas time frame.

By that time, much of northeast water will be freezing cold. Where would my options be?

Places I heard of and contemplating:

1) Southwest: Black Canyon of Colorado below Hoover Dam. Camp along the river, soak in hot springs, paddle leasurely. But it's really a 3-4 day trip at most. Are there other interesting paddling nearby? I vaguely recall there's some interesting marshes a bit further down river but forgot any detail at all.

Q: Is this a good destinnation for Thanksgive? I heard it can get cold by Christmas time. Anyone know? Would it be crowded during the holiday week?

Also, where nearby can I rent a decent touring kayak (hatches for camping gears)

2) Southern (Central?) California: San Diego and LA shore. Not sure what the weather and water temperature is like.

3) Southeast: The mangrove of Geogia looks interesting. But I don't know much detail. Is there enough paddling for a week? Florida Everglades is well known. But I'm a little worried about allegators (I'll probably be on my own)

Any other places I haven't thought of that would be good?

Mangrove of Georgia?
Here since '74 and haven’t seen any yet.

San Diego

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December water temps upper 50s F.
Surfs up. We usually get our biggest waves of the year around the middle of December. Can be flat, but more than likely plan on heavy surf.

You can paddle on Mission Bay or San Diego Bay if not looking for waves.

Also consider Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

The lower colorado trip would be fun that time of year. Aqua
Adventures may have a trip planned, In San Diego check out Aqua Adventures for rentals and check their website for planned trips.

if its warm and swampy
There are gators. They aren’t looking to eat you.

Ryan L.

Lower Colorado trip
"The lower colorado trip would be fun that time of year. Aqua Adventures may have a trip planned, In San Diego check out Aqua Adventures for rentals and check their website for planned trips."

They do offer trips there. But it’s geared towards San Diego local out for a quick weekend. I would prefer to spend a few days there relaxing.

Maybe that’s one option is paddle locally for a couple days, Mission Bay and such. Then drive over to do the lower Colorado.

Sea of Cortez is on my radar but logistically more challenging. (I can’t commit to a commercial trip because I can’t guarantee my shoulder rehab will work out perfectly time-wise. There maybe need to change plans, e.g. more hiking instead of paddling if need be)

Sea of Cortez

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There are outfitters in some of the major towns on the east coast of Baja, you could reserve a kayak. You can't rent a car in US and drive into mexico with it, otherwise Aqua Adventures is a good place to rent a kayak, you would need to rent a suitable vehicle to put it on the roof. You can fly in to San Diego and rent a car in Tijuanna. Mexico is a bit dangerous, especially alone and inexperienced.

A good trip would be paddling mission bay, san diego bay ( protected waters) and going to Lajolla Cove area and up and down the coast nearby when waves are small. At some point you could drive out to the Colorado and have a livery service drop you off. Check out the livery service at "Walters Camp" they will do multiday trips. NIghts can be chilly but not to bad in December. Days can be quite warm on the Colorado there. Also check out Topcock Gorge area .... not sure if there is a livery service there but I think there is one that uses power boats to ferry your kayak.

Seadart meant "check out Topock Gorge, I think.

“power boat:”?

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"I think there is one that uses power boats to ferry your kayak."

I thought the current isn't too swift in that stretch of Colorado so you can paddle up and down stream at will? Why the need for power boat?

"Mexico is a bit dangerous, especially alone and inexperienced."

That's my impression too. Hence why I'm not thinking about Sea of Cortez for this trip.

There are some impounded lakes
but on the river sections the water can run 3 -4 kts.

Fall Paddling
How about Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina or southwest Virginia?

Winter paddling
Thanksgiving isn’t really “fall paddling”. It’s close to winter in many of those places.

Christmas is DEFINITELY winter paddling, even in VA & TN. Don’t know about AK.

Some part of SC might be still warm enough perhaps.

(I lived in Florida panhandle for a couple years. Christmas isn’t really that warm. So any point north could be questionable for Christmas. Possibly for Thanksgiving though)

Go for the Everglades
Don’t worry about the gators. Thry are more afraid of you then you are of them.

The weather should be perfect that time of year.

Do the Turner River, the East river and Half way creek/ Barron river loop, or get a permit from the National Park service and camp out on a Key or two.

If you want more details e-mail me or check out or web site and pick out some trips. The Springs areas are also good.

It is :

Jack L