decent deal on new drysuits

One of our local indie paddlesport outfitters is advertising that they have some stock of the new Stohlquist EZ drysuits (with pee zip and attached sox, in a breathable laminate) , Asking $425 and will ship anywhere in the US for $20. Available in any color you want as long as it is black (like the Model T Ford). Looks like a decent suit – not a Kokatat of course, but Stohlquist is offering a lifetime delamination warranty and for half the price of a Kokatat it’s a more affordable option for anyone looking to extend their paddling season:

more of a "paddling suit"
With a neoprene neck, and “neoprene coated latex” wrist seals, the linked suit isn’t a drysuit. It’s what Kokatat would call a paddling suit (like the Kokatat Supernova, which has the same retail price as the linked suit).

Both suits certainly have their place in the market, but I wouldn’t think of them as a half-priced drysuit.

at stake is
your life even in 60 degree water


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I'm not familar with the EZ but it looks much like the old b-pod, which I have. If the neck fits correctly it is absolutely dry. I've had the b-pod for about 5 years so far. Stholquist will change out the neck to a size that fits better for free on new suits. I dont know yet how long the suit will last but i've been dry. the b-pod has latex wrist gaskets, I dont know if the ez does.

may be replacing the B-Pod
Apparently the EZ is replacing the B-Pod and has most of the same features and materials. I have read from other B-pod users that their neo neck gasket is very effective. There are ways to design neoprene gaskets that make them a better seal. I have one wet suit with neck and wrist seals that are neo but with a molded on rolled edge, almost like the rubber rand on a Seals WW skirt - they seal so snugly I have actually had to burp the wetsuit at the neck when diving.

And, after all, it is not all that difficult or costly to replace a neck gasket with the material and style of one’s choice.

Willowleaf, the B-Pod went away about 3 (maybe 4) years ago replaced by the EZ. It’s a nice evolution.

Given a choice I would still choose Kokatat either GTX Paddling Suit Or a full fledged drysuit. Especially with the Switch Zip system being incorporated into more models for 2016.

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