Decent Paddle Deal

There have been multiple posts lately about choosing a paddle. I and others have suggested trying to buy a quality paddle and search for a good deal. It doesn’t seem as easy to find that deal these days with prices going crazy, so I thought I’d share this one. My wife paddles with the 210 cm bent shaft version of this paddle and it’s pretty darned good. If a 220 cm straight shaft checks your boxes this is worth a look for ~$165. Please post up if you all see any decent deals.

Spending that much I’d buy a Werner

Variety is good. Which one would you buy in that price range? Got a link for folks looking?

Used a Bending Branches Whisper for years, can’t beat it for the money. Better than some paddles that are twice the price.

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You lost me at “aluminum shaft”. And then on the link I saw 37oz.

No thanks.


With the sale price, it sounds like a good deal, but it’s hard to judge without seeing and trying it. The Werner paddles in the same price range are much heavier.

Best paddle value by far until buying a paddle in the MSRP $180 range. Then a reliable spare for newer paddlers after that first paddle upgrade into the better Werner paddles.

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