decent skirt for a pamlico 100?

Anybody have a spray skirt they like or know of one to get for a WS Pami 100? Any suggestions would be great. If I can recall, the cockpit size is 5.5.

Their Adventure model is the most basic I’d recommend and their Sneak skirt would be the primo skirt for that boat.

Your only options are nylon as most companies cannot even build custom skirts that large in neoprene and for a rec boat, there’s no need for neoprene.

no point
There really is no point in a serious skirt that big. It’ll implode if you try to use it in really large water.

There is a reason these are called rec boats afterall.

Bill H.

Then would you use a rec boat in
"really large water"

It would keep the boat interior dry in rain

It would protect against the sun in places like Florida.

Try a Mini Skirt
I have a Seals miniskirt for a Pamlico. They’re nice to keep the sun off your legs. Beyond that, I think a full skirt is overkill for a cockpit that large.


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Look at manufacturers own words. Rec boats are for protected waters. Really large water is by definition not that, or it would be smaller (and bounded).

The half skirt would help with the sun. The water thing - a big cockpit boat shouldn't be in a place that waves can swamp it, and minor splashes are a part of paddling. As to rain, there is clothing for that too, like waterproof pants, or just stay on shore if possible rain is forecast...

Better yet, wear long pants that are lightweight synthetic but have very good UV protection, long sleeve same way. Or skip it for a couple of decades and add annual or semi-annual spot checks to your health regimen.